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Why CryptoPandaCutie?

CryptoPandaCutie is a NFT collection on OpenSea of 1864 pandas, 50 HAND DRAWN by our artists, the others generated by code. But why 1864 pieces? According to WWF, one of the most important nature conservation organization, pandas are animals in a state of vulnerability for extinction and from the last OFFICIAL census the number of existing black and white bears are 1864.
So if you like panda you should buy at least one of these pixel art choosing saving them from extinction. Yes, you will contribute to save pandas because we are going to DONATE part of your money to the organizations!!!!!

Depending on the condition of panda's state we will modify some aspects as floor price or for example, if the total number of pandas in the world will increase, we will drop other NFTs for you.

Also will arrive in future some interesting features as breeding, play-to-earn games, giveaweys, community reserved events.


51 CryptoPandaCuties available on Opensea, no gas fee.

Official DApp where you can mint all our collection.
Mint date will be comunicated when discord server reaches 1000 members.
Part of fund will be used to finance the REAL big CryptoPandaCutie project on ethereum blockchain.
10000 new NFTs created by an artist.
30% of gains will take part of a donation to WWF. Special drop for the event and BREEDING function on our website.
Merchandaising as keyholders, t-shirts, cups...
ETH giveaweys for CryptoPandaCutie's owners.
CryptoPanda community will adopt a Panda!!!
Super giveawey.